Why does GDS find it so difficult to get things right on Gov.UK?

GDS - the Government Digital Service, which is responsible for keeping Gov.UK updated - has recently posted updates to HMRC's CIRD Manual. All very boring, except for the fact that GDS seems to be struggling to actually get the update right. On the evening of 16 May an update was made to the pages covering [...]

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Tax transparency, taxpayer confidentiality and is it now time to make HMRC a Ministerial department?

We have a longstanding principle of taxpayer confidentiality in the UK. My tax affairs are confidential between HMRC and me. The essential effect of this principle is that my financial affairs are my business and (subject to my duty to disclose income to HMRC for the purposes of paying tax on it) mine alone. HMRC [...]

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Quarterly tax returns: bureaucracy or “simplification”?

Thanks to fellow tweeter @goodall4 for pointing me towards this gem. In a Written Answer to a question from Jim Shannon (a DUP MP), David Gauke (Financial Secretary to the Treasury) stated that the new digital tax accounts to be introduced by HRMC would be: simple, secure and personalised Now, I can well believe that [...]

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HMRC has a long way to go in order to be “digitally advanced”

One part of HMRC's settlement in the recent Spending Review involves the following rather grand sounding target (taken from the department's press release): That sounds very impressive - HMRC is to become "one of the most digitally advanced" tax administrations in the world - almost sends a chill up my spine! And all of this [...]

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Changes to Government funding of innovation

So the rumours have proved to be correct, the Government plans to replace up to £195m of Innovate UK grants per annum with loans. The following statement comes from the BIS press release on their Spending Review Settlement: The government will introduce new finance products to support companies to innovate following best practice in [...]

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Has the House of Lords done the Government a favour?

With all the bluster emanating from the Government benches at the moment that might seem a surprising suggestion. Cameron and Osborne are, however, showing themselves to be quite adept at setting traps for their political opponents. I can't help but feel that the defeat of the welfare reforms in the Lords was an example of [...]

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