“An experienced, influential and respected adviser.”

Aiglon Consulting represents the knowledge and experience of David O’Keeffe’s more than 30 years as a specialist tax adviser.

Actually, I started off in Civil Engineering but quickly moved to the exciting world of accounting and tax! I was a Tax Partner with KPMG LLP (UK) until I left in January 2011 to establish Aiglon Consulting. I am a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser.

Having developed a broad range of corporate tax experience, in the early 1990s, I set up a specialist Capital Allowances team at KPMG. I was a regular on the lecture circuit and was frequently published in the tax press as well as being quoted by journalists writing on capital allowance issues.

I was actively involved with the consultation process around the creation of the R&D Tax Relief regime and have been working with the UK’s regimes since that time. I established KPMG’s specialist R&D tax relief team. I was a founder member of KPMG International’s Global R&D Tax Incentives Group and a member of the Steering Group, with direct responsibility for the EMEA region.

In that time, I have developed an enviable level of knowledge of R&D tax relief both from a technical and a practical perspective. My reputation in the R&D market and with HMRC, HM Treasury and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills is strong and I am recognised as one of the leading R&D specialists in the UK. I have provided input and consultation to several organisations and trade bodies. I was the only R&D tax specialist to have input to Sir James Dyson’s influential report: Ingenious Britain: Making the UK the leading high tech exporter in Europe. This report is now seen as the catalyst for reform of the UK’s R&D Tax Relief regimes.

A member of HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee, a group with representatives from Government (HMRC, HMT and BIS) as well as industry, advisers and professional bodies, since its inception, I represent both the clients of Aiglon Consulting and The Chartered Institute of Taxation.

I also sit on CIOT’s CT technical Sub-Committee and chair the R&D Working Group of that sub-committee.

I was actively involved with the consultation around the reform of the taxation of Intangible Assets, which led to the introduction of the new regime in 2002. Since that time, I have lectured and written on the subject, as well as continuing to advise many companies on the legislation.

I wrote the Tolley’s Tax Digest on R&D Tax Relief, published in July 2017.


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